We work with clients and agencies, to help brands connect with the large, affluent, and fast-growing market of mature consumers.

re: Brands 

  • We help "18-44" brands recognize the significance of mature consumers as a secondary target, as well as advise brands that sell only or primarily to mature consumers
  • Work with your data, parse information in the public domain, and conduct original research to help you understand mature consumers' significance for your brand, and opportunities to grow your share of this market
  • Help to frame your message in terms that will resonate with a mature audience in all media
  • Provide mature insight to your agencies and creative partners
  • Ensure that the work you're approving will earn your share of the $3 trillion spent annually by mature consumers
  • Help your brand plan for demographic change

re: Agencies

  • We proactively and strategically ensure that brand messages in all media take into account the interests, concerns, and motivations of mature consumers 
  • Give planners, media specialists, and creative departments a nuanced understanding of the many psychographic groups that make up the mature consumer demographic
  • Work with your planners to ensure that creative briefs accurately describe mature consumers whether as primary or secondary targets; acknowledge the real motivators for mature consumers' purchase decisions
  • Provide mature insight that will help your creative department create messages that resonate with all consumers

We are, of course, happy to work with agencies on accounts where mature consumers are the primary target. However, the place we can add the most value is in mainstream campaigns focused primarily on adults 18-44. We can ensure that those campaigns still work effectively on consumers who are 55+. We help you to improve your market share among older consumers without compromising the effectiveness of your message to younger consumers.