Daily Factoid: A trend emerges among moviegoers

@BrandROI's got a little tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Day. This is the time of year when studios tend to release the sort of 'grownup' fare that might get them Academy Awards nominations, so there's always a few releases to choose from. 

In the future, we might actually see more films aimed specifically at the mature audience. Look at this chart, courtesy of the Motion Picture Association of America. All the younger demos are trending down or flat at best. But the oldest film-goers—while admittedly still a small percentage of total audience—have gone to more movies every year since 2008. 

Another reason film studios like older viewers: The older the opening-weekend audience, on average, the smaller the drop in attendance in subsequent weeks. A great example is the film 'Gravity', which had a massive opening weekend and drew a conspicuously mature crowd: 59% of them were over 35. It followed that with a second weekend only 21% smaller—the smallest drop in recent memory.

That's interesting, eh? You'd think that younger audiences, so plugged-in to social media, would be more effective at spreading word-of-mouth. @BrandROI will keep an eye peeled for a plausible explanation of the correlation between an older opening-weekend audience and a film's 'legs'.