Daily Factoid: Divorce rates for those over 50 have doubled since 1990

A recent story in the New York Times highlights the fact that while divorce rates have been falling for couples under 50 for the last few years, divorces are climbing among older couples. And, the divorce rate has climbed fastest of all among those over 65.

There are a number of big-picture factors influencing divorce rates among Baby Boomers. Once the kids have left home, there's no incentive to stay together for their sake; longer lifespans leave disgruntled 65 year-olds thinking, "I might have to put up with another 30 years of this." 

But here at Re: we think that rising divorce rates among senior citizens prove that the ad industry is wrong about at least one thing: That mature consumers can't change their minds about brand allegiance. If you can change your mind about your husband, you can sure as hell change it about the make of your next car, or which brand of toilet paper to buy.

Divorce, obviously, is a sign of a failed marriage, but a rising divorce rate among Boomers is also a sign that at 50, 60, or even 70 they're willing to take risks and reinvent their lives. It's more evidence that today, mature consumers aren't just more numerous but fundamentally different. They embrace change and love to try new things. Marketers should take note.